Some steps are needed to prepare properly your trip to Ukraine for dental treatment:

The first step: CONSULTATIONS

Ukrainian dentist estimates the volume of the expected dental work and its cost. Your medical data and panoramic X-ray is helpful for the doctor.

Also you choose tour services you need.

Tour services:

  • Air tickets
  • Visa (No visas are required for citizens of the following countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Mongolia, Former USSR countries (except for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), сitizens of EC, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and United States. )
  • Transfer
  • Hotel
  • Appartment
  • Excursion
  • Interpreter
  • Other

If you provide us with all data specified above, the estimation will be the most exact though preliminary. If you do not give any data, the estimation will be conducted at place on arrival to Ukraine after first visit to the dentist.

The second step: ACCOUNT

When you fill in and sent us your personal details, Odessa Dental Tour  manager  will provide you with preliminary plan and calculation of treatment including all your requests via e-mail during 48 hours.

Both treatment calculation and payment are divided into two parts:
I part: preliminary cost of dental treatment;
II part: preliminary cost of TOUR SERVICE.

Such division of calculation allows patients to vary cost of the whole complex of Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) services. For example, decreasing cost of accommodation by selecting less expensive hotel room, one can get more expensive crowns etc.

Calculations of future treatment and TOUR SERVICE services will continue to reach full agreement of all details of your trip with you via e-mail.

Payment for the Dental Travel Agency services:
Odessa Dental Tour services are paid in the clinic ” O’Dent” on actual basis for each stage of treatment.

Full payment before arriving for:

  • air tickets
  • accomodation


On arrival to Ukraine: Our representative meets you at the airport and delivers you to the hotel or appartment for checking-in. At appointed time our representative will pick you up from the hotel or appartment and follow you to the dental clinic for the first consultation of the dentist.

Revision of the treatment plan: The first checkup at the clinic and additional examinations (if necessary) will exactly define the volume of dental work and the cost. After this the   Agreement for paid dental services can be signed.

Odessa Dental Tour provides dental treatment according to the license for medical practice of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 305 from 11.22.2000.

In its work our clinic is guided by:

  • The Constitution of Ukraine.
  • The Law of Ukraine “Basics Laws of Ukraine on Health Protection”.
  • The Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights”.

Agreement for paid dental services is signed by arrival in the clinic.
Under the Law of Ukraine the documents is signed in Ukrainian with translation into other language for foreigners.

The fourth step: GUARANTEES

The warranty period for separate services of the duration in accordance with addition to the Order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine as of 22.11.2000 No.305:
Implants (metal structure itself, not implant survival): 5 years
Metal-ceramic crown, metal-ceramic bridge: 2 years
Crown from Zirconium oxide: 2 years
Veneer porcelain, inlay: 1 year
Fillings: 1 year

  1.  Service life period of filling is reduced to 30% because of violation of rules of personal hygiene of mouth cavity.
  2.  Warranty period is reduced to 50% when hygienic index is more than 2.
  3.  Warranty period is reduced to 50% when CFE is from 6 to 12.