Each patient in our clinic will receive outstanding dental service from our team. Our friendly, professional specialists will do the best for you to feel comfortable, well cared for and confidently able to recommend us to your friends. Our clinic is completely equipped with everything necessary for high quality dental treatment and operations. Whilst working with modern materials and leading world dental branded technologies, we strive to keep costs as affordable as possible. Also we guarantee high standards of sterility in our clinic . We respect each and every patient and will provide support throughout each stage of your dental treatment abroad and during your stay in Ukraine.

If you decide to go for a dental tourism, we might be one of your best choices. Our dentists are very professional. We all actively improve our knowledge of cosmetic dentistry by participating in training courses and lectures delivered by world leading dental professionals. Our doctors have a very good track of dental practice for many years and here you can be sure in having a high level of dental treatment abroad. We believe you will recommend our company to your friends, which is a highest compliment to any business.

The warranty period for separate services of the duration in accordance with addition to the Order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine as of 22.11.2000 No.305:

  • Implants (metal structure itself, not implant survival): 5 years
  • Metal-ceramic crown, metal-ceramic bridge: 2 years
  • Crown from Zirconium oxide: 2 years
  • Veneer porcelain, inlay: 1 year
  • Fillings: 1 year


  1. Service life period of filling is reduced to 30% because of violation of rules of personal hygiene of mouth cavity.
  2. Warranty period is reduced to 50% when hygienic index is more than 2.
  3. Warranty period is reduced to 50% when CFE is from 6 to 12.